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Top 10 strategies to help you actually fit in your physio exercises

Updated: Apr 25

One of the top questions I get asked as a physio is, "how can I make it easier to actually do my physio exercises?" I get it! Even as a physio I have trouble fitting my own exercises and movement breaks in. I decided to compile my top 10 tips for getting those exercises done below. Let me know what you think and share if you have any ideas that help you stay on track with your exercises.

  1. Sprinkle your exercises into your day. No need to wait for the right time or a full hour, split your routine into little mini movements breaks or activity ‘snacks’.

  2. Pair an exercises with a part of your morning or daily routine. As the coffee brews or the kettle boils you can quickly check it off the list.

  3. Integrate your exercises into your work day. Try keeping your exercise band on your desk and do a set between meetings or tasks or take a walk at lunch.

  4. Make the exercise functional. For example, a squat could become a sit to stand exercise that you repeat each time you get up or sit down. Chat with your PT about how to make your exercise a functional one.

  5. Watch a guided video. I’m excited to be expanding my offerings to include guided videos. I personally love letting a video lead me. You can join the waitlist for access to my guided exercise videos here:

6. Set a reminder and do your exercises at the same time every day. Choose a time of day when you regularly have a little more energy and/or time.

7. Do them with a partner, find a walking/exercise buddy, involve your family, or make it into a game with your children or grandchildren.

8. Make it fun! Try adding your favourite music, and choose an activity you truly enjoy. I love getting outside, I have some clients who have enjoyed setting a hiking goal or learning a new sport like, pickleball!

9. If you have a little one. I love doing my exercises while baby is with me on the play-mat or during tummy time.

10. Do them in your regular clothes - skip the step and barrier of needing to change and just do your exercises in your regular clothes. No fancy workout gear needed!

Lastly, chat with your Physio about how to make the exercises fun and meaningful to you. Our job is to help you be successful and if you are having trouble fitting them in, then we can rise to the challenge of finding the right strategy for you!

If you are interested in learning more about optimizing your activity habits check out the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear

Sarah Symmes, Registered Physiotherapist

Note: The above is for entertainment/ educational purposes and is not considered physiotherapy prescription or advice.

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